The Confirmed Catholic's Companion (#50406)

The Confirmed Catholic's Companion
The Confirmed Catholic's CompanionThe Confirmed Catholic's Companion

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The Confirmed Catholic's Companion (#50406)

The Confirmed Catholic's Companion is "how to" manual for newly Confirmed Catholics to live out their faith with commitment and discover spiritual practices to adopt as their own. 

One of the best books that we have found to support the newly confirmed. Filled with answers to questions, prayers for daily life and information about saints, the mass and walking the talk. Recommended!

This practical resource offers tips and reflections for deepening one's personal relationship to the Catholic faith, helping Confirmed Catholics connect with personal spiritual practices and devotions that have inspired Catholics for generations. It integrates the use of modern conventions, including Internet websites, to guide Confirmed Catholics through the Bible, lives of saints, and Catholic prayers and rituals. The Confirmed Catholic's Companion helps Confirmed Catholics, new and old, live their faith abundantly.

One of the best gift books yet to encourage the newly confirmed or those who have entered the church through the RCIA.
Chapters include:

  • Religion: Catholic
  • Classic Catholic Prayers
  • Talking to God's Mother
  • Universe-Wide Web: Contacting Saints
  • A Potpourri of Prayer Practices
  • Stealing Words from Holy People
  • Catholic Life 24/7
  • Christening the Whole Year
  • Making the Most of Sacraments
  • Holy Things and Places
  • What's God Calling You To?
  • You've Got Mail: The Bible
  • Devotions (from the Grassroots)
  • SOS: Prayers for Certain Needs
  • The Top 21 Catholic Prayers
  • Walking the Talk
Author: Mary Kathleen Glavich, SNND
Paperback, 160 pages

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