The How To Book of the Bible (#11067)

The How-To Book of the Bible

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The How To Book of the Bible (#11067)

The How-To Book of The Bible Author: Karl A Schultz

Pages: 351
Format: Paperback
Everything You Need to Know But No One Ever Taught You

Book Description
Bible (BAI-buhl) n. 1. Collection of books. 2. Inspired Word of God. 3. Story of salvation.

Perhaps you know very little about the Bible … or enough to realize theres so much more to discover! Maybe your previous attempts to read the Bible have not been fruitful, and you dont get much out of the readings at Mass. You observe the role the Bible plays in the lives of others and feel that youre missing something.

The How-To Book of the Bible, by Karl A. Schultz, is your key to unlocking this treasure. Unlike other Bible-related books, this one not only introduces you to the Scriptures but also helps you develop a deep, fulfilling, and lasting bond with the Bible.

In this complete guide you receive:

  • Guidance on breaking the Bible into manageable parts
  • Examples of the Bibles pervasive presence within the Church
  • An explanation of the divine inspiration of the Bible in light of its human authorship
  • A Catholic approach to the Bible, with its dynamic understanding of Gods word
  • Step-by-step guidelines on reading, meditating, praying, contemplating, and applying the Bible, both by yourself and with others
  • Background on eras, events, peoples, sections, books, and passages of the Bible
  • Discover how to:
  • Distinguish between Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, and Jewish Bibles
  • Choose a Bible with a translation and format that meets your individual needs
  • Recognize the human development of the Bible and relate it to your life
  • Develop a customized reading plan that gives you the Bibles big picture and highlights
  • Make sense of puzzling passages
  • Recognize levels of meaning in the Bible and in your life
  • Read each Gospel with greater appreciation of its uniqueness and complementarity
  • Contemplate the main themes and variations in the Gospel accounts of Jesus suffering, death, and resurrection, and develop personal applications
  • Understand St. Paul, his ministry, and his letters
  • Experience the consoling and motivational message of the letter to the Hebrews and the Catholic epistles
  • Interpret the Book of Revelation properly and personally
  • Read the Old Testament prudently and in its context
  • Pray and live the Psalms
  • Relate to the Historical, Wisdom, and Prophetic books
  • Bring the Bible to life! Bring the Bible into your life!

Experience the Scriptures as a whole, as they originally and traditionally were. Examine these sacred truths from a Catholic perspective. Enhance your prayer life by using the Word of the Lord to give it new fervor and depth. Let The How-To Book of the Bible show you how the essential elements of modern and traditional biblical studies fit hand-in-glove with Catholic spirituality. "Beginner friendly" but never overly simplistic, this is the ideal choice whether you're a novice or already familiar with the Scriptures.

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