The How to Book of the Mass (#50375)

The How to Book of the Mass

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The How to Book of the Mass (#50375)

By Michael Dubruiel Getting more from the Mass Does it sometimes seem that the Mass just happens while you sit there? Heres the help you need to make the Mass an active religious experience.

How should you enter the church? How should you listen to the Scriptures? What if the homily seems boring? In a simple, easy-to-read style, this book gives you suggestions to help you get something out of the Mass every time.
Youâll learn how to pray at Mass, how to hear a great homily every time, and how to experience the Mass as an encounter with our Risen Lord. If youâve ever wished the Mass were more exiting, this is the book that will make it exciting for you.

Paper, 224 pages.

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