Joan of Arc - US Marines Medal (#19211)

Joan of Arc - US Marines Medal

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Joan of Arc - US Marines Medal (#19211)

In the early 15th century, England, in alliance with Burgundy, controlled most of what is modern France. In May 1428 Joan's visions told her to find the true king of France and help him reclaim his throne. She resisted for more than three years, but finally went to Charles VII in Chinon and told him of her visions. Carrying a banner that read "Jesus, Mary", she led troops from one battle to another. She was severely wounded, but her victories from 23 February 1429 to 23 May 1430 brought Charles VII to the throne. Captured by the Burgundians during the defence of Compiegne, she was sold to the English for 10 thousand francs. She was put on trial by an ecclesiastical court conducted by Cauchon, Bishop of Beauvais, a supporter of England, and was excuted as a heretic. In 1456 her case was re-tried, and Joan was acquitted (23 years too late).

Because of her bravery in battle, St. Joan of Arc is considered one of the patrons of those in the armed forces.

Sterling silver medal on 24" chain.

A great gift idea for those serving our country!

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