St. Joseph Home Sale Kit (#30010)

St Joseph Home sale Kit
St Joseph Home sale Kit

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St. Joseph Home Sale Kit (#30010)

This boxed home sales kit includes one Statue of St Joseph, instructions and prayer card.

St. Joseph Home Sale Kit

For centuries people have put their hopes and trust in St. Joseph. Many home sellers have turned to the practice of burying a statue of St. Joseph to help increase their chance of selling their home. It is said that this practice was started by an order of Sisters who needed help in constructing a new school. With their strong belief and devotion their prayers were answered. Many successful home sellers attribute their good fortunes to the power of St. Joseph.

There are many "how-to" variations on the burying of the St. Joseph statue. Here are just a few...

- Bury it upside down next to the "for sale" sign.
- Bury it 3 feet from the rear of the house.
- Simply place it somewhere on the property.
- Bury it next to the street facing the home.
- Bury it next to the front door facing away from the home.
- Bury it in the front yard.

While specifics truly don't matter, what does is the belief and trust in St. Joseph to help.

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