St. Michael - US Army Medal (#19013)

St. Michael - US Army Medal

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St. Michael - US Army Medal (#19013)

Sterling Silver Medal on 24 in. Stainless Chain
Created especially for those serving in the US Army.

Medal features and Image f St. Michael on the front, with the words "Saint Michael Pray for Us" around the edge and the insignia of the US Army on the back

Saint Michael is one of the seven archangels; the Angel of God's Power. Patron Saint of Police Officers, Firemen and soldiers. Michael's name means "who is like God," and in Christian lore he is one of the chief angels in heaven. The Church honors Michael with four main titles.
  • First, he is the Christian angel of death, assisting the soul of each person in its journey after death to heaven for judgment. One tradition states that Michael grants a final chance to all people to redeem themselves before death and so causes consternation for the devil and his minions.
  • Second, he is the special patron and protector of the Chosen People of the Old Testament.
  • Third, he is the supreme foe of Satan and the fallen legions, being named specifically in the Book of Revelation as fighting against Satan and coming at the end of the world to command the hosts of the Lord in the final struggle.
  • Finally he is the guardian of the Church.
Named the patron of policeman by Pope Pius the XII, Saint Michael is also considered a patron of sailors, security guards and soldiers. He is also said to have a role as an angel of healing which lead to his adoption as the patron of EMT's

A traditional Catholic gift for police officers, those in law enforcement and in the military.

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