St. Therese and the Roses (#50523)

St. Therese and the Roses
St. Therese and the RosesSt. Therese and the Roses

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St. Therese and the Roses (#50523)

St. Therese and the Roses
Vision Books series of saints for youth 9 - 15 years old.
Helen Walker Homan

This story is a beautiful story about the most popular saint of modern times, St. Therese of Lisieux, the "Little Flower." Growing up in Lisieux, France was occasionally painful but usually delightful for Therese and her four sisters. For practical Marie, studious Pauline, hot-tempered Leonie, mischievous Celine, and beautiful, lovable Therese, growing up meant growing closer to God. The Little Flower found her pathway to holiness right in her own back yard.

With their disagreements, secrets, visits to the convent, school adventures, and romances, these five girls are an enjoyable handful for their kindly, widowed father. But Therese, because she loves her family, discovers that one of her sisters might unwittingly prevent her dearest wish from coming true.

In this Vision book, Helen Walker Homan, who writes in the tradition of Louisa Mae Alcott, has created another classic of delightful family life among five sisters, one of whom became a saint. Illustrated.

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