About St Gerard Patron of Pregnancy

Various patronages of Saint Gerard Majella:

  • Patron of pregnancy

  • Patron of expectant mothers St Gerard Necklace and Prayer Card

  • Patron of childbirth

  • Patron of unborn children.

Who is St. Gerard?

St. Gerard was a 18th century Redemptorist lay brother. Known for his purity and unfailing obedience, Gerard suffered significantly for a period after a young woman who had quit the convent accused him of having an affair with a townswoman. He did not respond to the accusation and retreated into silence accepting severe penances. His accuser, fearing God's judgement later recanted and cleared him. Among his gifts it is said he could bi-locate and "read" consciences, bring to light the secrets of sinners they were to embarrassed to confess.

St. Gerard the Patron Saint of Pregnancy

There is only one specific reference to St. Gerard in relation to pregnancy. It is the "Handkerchief" story. As it is told, Gerard dropped his handkerchief while leaving the house of a family he was visiting. It was retrieved by a young woman who was told by Gerard as she handed it to him, that she should keep it, because one day it would be of service to her. While his comment was mysterious, she did as he said and years later as she suffered with serious complications during childbirth she remembered the handkerchief and held it to her womb, relieving the pain and allowing her to deliver a health child. The handkerchief was passed from woman to woman as each was to deliver a child and as many families kept a small portion of it, it was only a a few threads at the time of Gerard's canonization in 1904.

St. Gerard Medals and Rosaries

Those who seek his intercession frequently use a St Gerard medal or rosaries  as a springboard for prayer for all those in need of his special patronage. We think it is a wonderful gift for those who are expecting or as a connection to pro-life values.

A Prayer to St. Gerard for Motherhood

O glorious Saint Gerard,
powerful intercessor before God,
and wonder worker of our day,
I call upon you and seek your help.
You who always fulfilled God's will on earth,
help me to do God's holy will.
Intercede with the Giver of life,
from whom all parenthood proceeds,
that I may conceive and raise children
who will please God in this life,
and be heirs to the kingdom of heaven.