Catholic Art & Icons

If you’re looking for appropriate gifts or tokens for someone special, then you’ll truly appreciate the selection of beautiful Catholic gifts available at Whether you want to encourage someone who is going through a tough time or you want to congratulate somebody special on their First Holy Communion, you’ll find a beautiful selection of Catholic icons, holy family statues, and guardian angel figurines.

Our selection of Catholic icons provides you with many tokens representing important people of the Catholic faith. Our holy family statues are excellent for commemorating important holidays and reminding your loved ones of the importance this family plays in your beliefs. You'll find that guardian angel gifts are wonderful for any special birthday or holiday observance. We have guardian angel figurines and images in a variety of artistic styles, making it easy for you to find the perfect guardian angel gifts for those on your list. If you need help tracking down something particular, we’d be happy to help. Just call Catholic Family Gifts at 866-337-0696.


Angel icons, statues and artwork
Angels, Gods celestial messengers and guardians of the faithful, beautifully portrayed in these unique prints and images.
Holy Family Artwork
A wonderful model of family life, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph are beautifully portrayed in this prints and images. Great gifts you your home or the home of a family you love.
Artwork depicting Jesus
Artwork, icons and images depicting Jesus.
Artwork of the Saints
Models of Christian life, the holy men and women of the church are role models and guides for all the faithful. These images and icons inspire and remind us of our call to holiness.

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Religious artwork has always be an important way of visualizing the work of God in our lives directly or through the saints. Beautiful Catholic Artwork for you and those you love.