Catholic Medals

Catholic Family Gifts carries an extensive variety of Catholic religious medals and jewelry, excellent for keeping your priorities straight as you wear an important symbol of your faith. You'll find that at we have an extensive collection of Catholic saint medals. You can browse at length to find just the right Catholic saint medals for your needs and you'll find that our alphabetical search feature makes it easy to find exactly what saint’s medal you’re searching for.

Our Catholic medals selection includes those medals that are relevant to specific professions and interests, as well as military, sports and medical options. We have firefighter and police medals for those who put their lives on the line to protect others, as well as pet medals, as a tribute to the companions so many cherish in their daily lives. Whether you need a medal to encourage a young person to live a life of faith or whether you need something to help a friend through a tough time, we provide you with an extensive collection to consider.


St. Christopher Medals
One of the most popular patron saints, Christopher is best known as the patron saint of travelers and drivers. Select from over 20 varieties.
St. Jude Medals
Patron of desperate situations and forgotten causes, St. Jude is often referred to as the patron saint of hopeless causes.
St. Michael Medals
The Archangel Michael is a guardian against temptations and the patron of soldiers, police officers and others.
Doctor, Nurse and EMT Medals
Medals honoring Saints Agatha, Camillus, Luke or Michael, the patrons of the medical profession with the symbols for doctor, nurse or EMT on the opposite side.
Firefighter and Police Medals
St. Michael patron of police and St. Florian patron of firefighters in beautiful medals of sterling silver and gold.
Four Way Medals
This traditional gift for sacramental occasions typically includes images of the sacred heart, Mary, St. Christopher and St. Joseph.
Mary and Miraculous Medals
More than 40 popular Marian medals including the Miraculous Medal, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Fatima, and others.
Military Medals
Our Military medals on one side feature a branch of the military and on the opposite side an image of St. Michael or Joan of Arc.
Pet Medals
Pets are a gift from God. St. Francis, Patron of Animals is the inspiration for these pet medals for dogs and cats.
Sacrament Related Medals
Mark the occasion of celebrating a sacrament with a beautiful medal specifically designed to reflect the special character and grace of that sacrament
Sacred Heart Medals
These medals which express a devotion to Christ's love are beautiful gifts for both men and women.
Saint Medals
Patron saints have a special place in the life of the faithful. Our collection contains over 300 of the best loved patron saints. These medals make perfect gifts for Confirmation students.
Special Interest or Activity Medals
Special medals for horseback riding, music, choir, band, and other activities. Also includes guardian angel and inspirational medals.
Sport Medals
These medals are a beautiful gift for the athlete in your life. Medals for Cheerleading, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Football, Tennis and Golf are available.
St. Joseph and Holy Family Medals
Joseph a model of fidelity, is the patron of carpenters, families and expectant mothers. We are pleased to present our St. Joseph medals along with difficult to find Holy Family medals.
Holy Spirit medals
This special selection of medals honors the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the faithful.