Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift ideas for friends and family.

As Christmas becomes a battle of box stores to make their sales numbers, we worked hard to locate items which truly fit with the spirit of Christmas. Toward that end, we selected items that will remind us that the coming of Christ is the meaning of the season.

We hope these Christmas gifts will inspire all of us to live lives of faith and strengthen our relationships with each other as family, and brothers and sisters in Christ. This collection has gifts for moms and dads, grandma and grandpa, sisters, friends, teens children and the whole family.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom
Mothers are some of the most amazing women in the world. Recognize that with a special gift this Christmas.
St Benedict Tie for Men
Dads can be difficult to buy for. These faith based items for men may well help you with that.
Sister Angel
Special Christmas Gift Ideas for a beloved sister or special friend.
Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens
Playful and inspiring Christmas gift ideas for teens
God Gave Us Christmas Book
Many people say that Christmas is for Children. We are delighted to offer faith-inspired, child-friendly ideas for Christmas.
Fontanini Nativity 5in
Christmas draws us to the Holy Family. These gift ideas are selected to help draw your family closer together on the road to holiness.
Be Still and Know Plaque
Beautiful and relevant Christmas gifts for those who teach, lead and share their ministry with us.
Holy Family Glitterdome
the home is the first source of teaching about the faith. These Christmas Items help your home echo the glory of Christmas.