Crocheted Edge Baptism Bonnet (#33208)

Crocheted Edge Baptism Bonnet

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Crocheted Edge Baptism Bonnet (#33208)

The use of the baptism bonnet is an honored christening tradition, worn as a mark of the greatness of the occasion. This bonnet features an exquisite crocheted trim in the traditional white.   Not only is it a beautiful addition to the baptism gown, it remains a cherished keepsake of the child's baptism.

It is more than just a bonnet.
This bonnet is made from a delicate handkerchief. It is often used after the baptism as:
  • the handkerchief in the pocket of a young boy's First Communion suit coat
  • a special item tucked into the purse of a young girl on her First Communion day
  • as the "something old" on a Bride's wedding day
It is not just a beautiful item for baptism but an heirloom to be passed down from generation to generation!  Proudly made in the USA

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