Crosses & Crucifixes

A cross or crucifix serves as a constant reminder of the loving sacrifice of Jesus. Our Catholic Store offers wall and standing crosses and crucifixes along with special occasion items that make great Catholic Gifts. The special links to the right provide connections to special collections of wearable crosses and crucifixes as well as crosses and crucifixes designed especially for sacrament related celebrations. Cross Jewelry
Baptism Cross
First Communion Crosses
Confirmation Crosses

The simple cross, a symbol of our salvation. collection includes palm crosses, simple crossed, and specialty crosses with images or sacramental signs.
Crosses for Children
Crosses for children are designed to introduce God is with us and watching over us with care.
Crucifixes - Wall and Standing
The wall crucifix has an important place in the Catholic Home. Our selection is sure to meet your needs.
Sick Call Sets
Every home should have a sick call set. These beautiful quality crucifixes, contain all the essential items for a home sick call by a priest.
Unique Crosses and Cricifixes
More than the basic traditional cross of crucifix, this collection of unique designs is artful and beautiful.
Celtic Cross and Crucifixes
Beautiful Celtic crosses, some imported Directly from Ireland. Others are handmade reproductions of some of the finest celtic crosses of Ireland, Scotland and England.