Fontanini Nativity Sets

Fontanini Nativity Sets

Fontanini Nativity Sets - the #1 Nativity Line in the USA  

We are delighted to offer you collectable Fontanini nativity sets from the number one nativity line in the US. Imported from Italy these beautiful nativity figures tell the beginning of the greatest story ever told.

In addition to the complete sets shown here, we have the Holy Family figures, Fontanini shepherd figures, Fontanini angels, and the three wise men. But in addition we have a variety of stables, village buildings and accessories and other Fontanini villagers to provide a living context for your nativity scene

Holy Family
Full sets of the Holy Family and replacement pieces
Fontanini nativity Sets and Buildings
Complete sets of Fontanini figures with creches and accessories for exterior scenes.
Fontanini Three Kings
The Three kings, Accessory kits, and Scenery related to the three kings.
7.5 Inch Fontanini Nativity
Sets and figures for 7.5 Inch sized Fontanini Nativity scenes.
Fontanini Angels
Beautiful angels of all types for your Fontanini Nativity.
Fontanini Animals
Attention to detail can set your Nativity apart. These animals fit the bill.
Fontanini Shepherds
Shepherds of all ages and the sheep of their flocks all set to decorate your Fontanini Nativity

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Fontanini 11 pc nativity
11 Pc Fontanini Nativity Set with Stable (#41615)
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Price: $285.00
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