From a Monastery Kitchen Cookbook (#25051)

From a Monastery Kitchen Cookbook

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From a Monastery Kitchen Cookbook (#25051)

A classic, natural foods guide to monastic cooking methods using natural, local ingredients. This is mainly vegetarian with some fish recipes. The Rule of St Benedict, as followed by Our Lady of the Resurrection Monastery, strongly encourages abstaining from meat. From the introduction:
"The dinner table in a monastery is always set with care for both daily fare and feast days. Food is arranged to show the full beauty of God's harvest in vegetables, grains, dairy products and fruit."

The cookbook is arranged by season in order to link to the seasons of the year & the seasons of the church. Each recipe is accompanied by a quotation such as :"Better is a dish of herbs where love is than a fattened ox and hatred with it." Proverbs 15:17 The book is sprinkled with woodcut illustrations. 

Brother Victor-Antoine shows us recipes from St. Nicholas soup to St. Bruno's Coffee Cream. With delicious solutions for leftovers, hearty main dishes & sweet, healthy desserts. Bringing simplicity and frugality to our supper table in a whole new way. 

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