Inspirational & Home

If home is where the heart is and we are supposed to entrust our hearts to the care of Jesus, it makes sense that our homes will contain little reminders of our special relationship with Christ and His Church. The holy water font by the front door, the wall crucifix over a bed, the statue of Mary in the hallway and the inspirational mugs in our kitchen are small reminders that Jesus lives in our family and our home. And when it is time to sell one home and move to another St. Joseph 
Catholic Art and Icons
Beautiful Catholic Artwork for you and those you love. Art that celebrates the work of God and the lives of the saints.
Crosses and Crucifixes
Standing or wall mounted Crosses and Crucifixes.
Especially for Children
Faith based and inspirational items especially for a child's bedroom or playroom.
Footprints in the sand
Items that reflect the sentiment of the cherished poem "Footprints in the Sand"
Outdoor Garden Statues
Statues of angels, saints, Jesus and Mary are a wonderful way to reflect the life of faith in the serenity of a garden
Holy Water Fonts
Holy water fonts for daily blessing entering and leaving the home.
Inspirational Gift Plaques
Encouraging and inspirational plaques and other gift items.
Inspirational Mugs
Great for gifts or personal inspiration, this mug collection offers something for everyone.
Inspirational Kitchen
Inspirational plates, mugs, cutting boards and more for the kitchen; the heart of the home.
Religious Statues
Statues of numerous saints, inspirational figures of family life, Angels and more for your home or next gift.
Serenity Prayer Items
Gift items that offer the encouragement, support and comfort of the Serenity Prayer.
St Joseph Homeseller Kit
A selection of many different St. Joseph Home sale kits.