Our Family Values


We treasure time with our family and love having a chance to get together with them. For special occasions we understand how important it is to have all go smoothly. That way you can enjoy the day with loved ones not just survive it! We strive to deliver quality product quickly and accurately to provide an excellent experience for you.


We take the meaning of family to heart.  When you belong to a family, they’re there for you when you need them.  Working with you is not a dry, routine, business transaction to us.  We see you as an extension of our family and are committed to treating you as we would want to be treated.  It’s a belief that we show in our commitment to reliable and supportive service.


We cherish our Catholic Faith- the Faith that was handed down to us by our parents and the Faith that we want to pass on to our children.   And we know that there are millions of families throughout the world that are like-minded, sharing the same struggles, triumphs and joys.  We are here to support those families, in their faith and in the home, while helping them grow stronger and closer as families.


We love finding beautiful, well-made things and we love sharing them with you, so that you can share them with the people in your lives.  We work hard so that we can offer you the best again and again, because we know that a gift is not just a gift.  It’s a way of showing love and devotion.  It’s a way of showing that you care.  A gift can create surprise and delight and gift can create joy.  And that’s what we want to share.


We value people as unique creations of a loving God. That value is reflected in the way we work together to take care of each customer as an individual. It is also reflected in how we look for products to share. Where we can, our choice is to purchase from companies owned and operated in the United States, supporting families here at home.

Love & Joy

We believe in a God of abundant blessings, and find in our family the first encounters of God’s love.  Supporting families as they celebrate the sacraments and encounter God’s abundant grace is a joy filled experience. We are blessed to have a role in the celebrations of so many families like yours.