Patron Saint Rosaries

Over 17,000 different Rosaries! 400+ patron saint centers and numerous bead options.
A Saint medal is a reminder to help believers to pray and to perform acts of reverence to God or Jesus. A Patron Saint Rosary features a saint medal as its center and is the same reminder to ask for that saint to intercede for them before God.  For example, the Saint Michael Rosary is a best seller for those who are in the military or going overseas, largely due to St. Michael being the patron of those in the Armed Services .

Our Patron Saint Rosaries are made in the USA and feature, crystal, gemstone, glass or wood beads. Two major styles are represented. First are those with a pewter crucifix and center with a full color image of the saint under a durable epoxy. The second are handmade, custom silver finish treasures and offer the largest selection of rosary beads along with a choice of crucifix. Most of these rosaries can be engraved with up to three lines! Making this a wonderful gift for a First Communion, Confirmation or RCIA.