Preparing a First Communion Dress and Veil

Making your daughter's First Communion veil and dress look their best requires some attention. For the best results plan to attend to these details a few days before the event. That way you can take a measured approach without time pressure and ensure the job is done right and the dress an veil look beautiful.

Prepare the veil 

    1. Unpack the veil a few days before the First Communion. A good way to start is to hang it in the bathroom either while someone takes a shower or allow the hot water to run until the room is steamy. The steam build up in the room will likely loosen any wrinkles
    2. If you still have wrinkles at that point you can use the steam from the iron held above the tulle.
    3. Lace and tulle burn very quickly and if you iron directly you risk burning or loosening any of the beading on the veil. If you need to use the iron put it on low setting.

      Prepare the dress

        When the dress comes home
        1. Have your daughter try on the dress with the underclothes she will be wearing. Although the dresses are lined some of the bodices may be itchy for your daughter. You may want to consider having a slip for her.
        2. Allow the dress to hang until First Communion this may be enough to keep wrinkles out of the dress.
        Preparing the dress before the event (at least the day before)
        1. Steam is still the best method to remove wrinkles. Hang the dress with the veil in the bathroom when it is full of steam. This may take up to 20 minutes. The shower doesn’t have to be running the whole time. Just enough to fill the bathroom with steam. You can gently smooth the skirt with a clean cotton cloth while it is hanging to get the wrinkles out.
        2. If the dress needs to be ironed it is important to use steam with satin, a dry hot iron could melt the satin and ruin any beading.
        3. Be gentle and use the lowest setting possible that can still steam the iron.
        4. Before you place the iron on the skirt touch it to the hem on the inside of the dress to make sure it is not too hot.
        5. Turn the dress inside out and put down a fine cotton cloth or thin towel between the iron and dress. This will protect the dress from direct contact with the iron.