RCIA Gifts

Our Catholic store is pleased to offer a number of items with special relationship to those participating in the RCIA. When looking for an appropriate Catholic gift for RCIA, we also suggest you look in our categories related to Bibles, Crosses and Crucifixes, or Religious Jewelry and Medals.

Bibles & Books for RCIA
A collection of bibles and books to serve as an aid to those in RCIA, or as an excellent gift to encourage the newly initiated.
Crosses And Crucifixes
Wall crosses and crucifixes selected for the RICA candidate
RCIA Medals and Jewelry
Catholic medals are a traditional gift for someone entering the Church after preparation through the RICA.
RCIA Gift Rosaries
The rosary has a special place in the prayer life of the Church. Its importance as a tool of prayer is reflected in our wide selection of rosaries.