The Rosary is one of the most prevalent forms of personal prayer and devotion among the Catholic Faithful. Follow these links to learn more about the history, mysteries and prayers of the rosary. Rosaries are a popular gift for many different sacramental occasions. First Communion, Confirmation and the reception into the Church at the Easter Vigil of an adult completing the RCIA are some of the events where a rosary would be an appropriate gift.
patron saint rosary
Beautiful rosaries with a medal of your favorite saint as the rosary center.
Sport Rosaries
Patron saint rosaries for 32 different sports from Archery to Wrestling and everything in between.
Communion Rosary (silver/black) with Pewter Box
Remember the special day with a gift rosary specially designed for the occasion. Some rosaries feature centers with Eucharistic or Confirmation themes.
Military Rosaries
Special saint rosaries for those in the armed services. All branches represented.
Birthstone Rosaries
Nearly 14,000 different rosaries featuring beads in each month's birthstone color
A variety of chaplets to use as a guide in prayer
Children's Rosary, Wood Bead (primary)
From child safe wood bead rosaries in primary colors to first rosaries for young children, this selection offers a wide range of rosaries for children.
Distinctive Rosaries
This selection includes our unique rosaries including a Lourdes rosaries which feature actual Lourdes water enclosed in a beautiful blue medallion.
St Patrick Rosary with 7mm Locklinked Green Glass Beads with Pewter
These unique rosaries possess features reflecting traditional Irish colors and style.
Medical Rosaries
Patron saint rosaries for those in a medical profession. Special rosaries for doctors, nurses and EMTs.
Rosary with Locklinked Oval Brown Wood Beads
These distinctly masculine rosaries are made for the hands of prayerful men. These elegant and strong rosaries make a perfect gift for husbands, fathers, grandfathers, and other important men in your life.
Rosary with 7mm Locklinked Capped Sapphire Aurora Beads
Beautiful and well crafted these rosaries rest well in the hand and provide a gentle tool to walk us through the mysteries and prayers of the rosary.
Finger Rosary (Wood)
Resting on a finger, these items help bring the prayer of the rosary to life, one decade at a time.
Rosary Cases & Boxes
Protect your rosary in a quality case or keep it handy in a convenient rosary box