Selecting First Communion Gifts

Making First Communion Memories

Making their First Holy Communion is one of the most significant events in the life of a Catholic child. Many adult Catholics remember their First Communion day and the First Communion Gifts they received from the special people in their lives. It is not uncommon to find people who have kept the special rosary or prayer book that was given to them at First Communion. Making a good choice of First Communion Gift can help the boy or girl who receives it better understand, remember and celebrate the special gift of Jesus found in the Eucharist.

First Communion Rosaries and Prayer Books

Many an adult Catholic can tell you the story of how they received their first rosary or prayer book in celebrations related to their First Communion. We are pleased to offer a number of specially designed First Communion Rosaries featuring Eucharistic themes. In addition we sorted through numerous prayer books and are pleased to offer them an individual First Communion Mass Book or as part of a First Communion Gift Set (which includes a rosary and other items.)
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First Communion Veils, Ties and Accessories

On the day of First Communion you often find little girls wearing veils and gloves. And young boys wearing ties and in some cases, even a sport coat. The special attention to preparation and appearance is grounded most appropriately in a sence that this is a day during which the child will meet Jesus in a new and special way. To help families prepare for the day, we offer a selection of Communion veils , ties and other accessories.
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First Communion Jewelry and Religious Medals

For girls especially, it is quite common for them to receive First Communion jewelry which includes items such as a cross , crucifix or locket. A delightful new variation on the theme of religious jewelry is the sacramental charm bracelet.

For boys who typically do not get jewelry as a gift, this day is a significant exception. It is very common for young boys to receive a cross , crucifix or a religious medal such as a four way medal.

For both boys and girls, we are delighted to offer a scapular medal, which has the Sacred Heart on the front and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel on the back.
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Books and Other Gifts for First Communion

A gift book is a wonderful way to encourage the growth in understanding of a First Communicant. We are so glad to be able to offer some wonderful children's books, including the Book of Heroes , the Treasury of Saints and the timeless classic by Max Lucado, You Are Special.

Another traditional gift is something to help preserve and celebrate this special day. Check out our selection of Frames and Photo Albums for an items of this nature.
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Symbols related to First Communion

The symbols most closely associated to this sacrament are bread and wine, represented in the circular host and the chalice. Also important is the crucifix which represents the sacrifice of Christ. In addition, presentation of a Rosary has a traditional connection to First Communion in that it is the most well known and used form of devotional prayer in the Church.

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