Religious Statues

Statues are not just for church. Religious statues are important elements in the practice of the Catholic faith. While some who misunderstand the role of the saints and catholic statues may consider them idols, they are sacramentals for the Catholic faithful. They turn our hearts and minds toward God. Like Catholic saint medals, statues provide a focal point for Catholics who desire to follow Jesus as the saints before us have done. Statues of Mary, the mother of jesus are among the most popular subjects for catholic statuary.
angel figurines
A wonderful collection of angel figurines and statues to remind of our God's messengers who watch over us all
sacred heart statue
Numerous statues of Jesus including the Sacred Heart, Good Shepherd, and Jesus with the Children
Our Lady of Grace and other Mary Statues
Devotion to Mary reflects our desire to, like her, say yes to the will of God in our lives. We offer more than a dozen elegant and beautiful statues honoring the Blessed Mother.
Garden Angel Outdoor Statue
Outdoor statues are a great way to express your faith in the beauty of nature. Statues featuring Jesus, Mary, or one of the saints are a great way to share your love and devotion.
Saint Statues and Figurines
Saints inspire in us a deeper understanding of God and are a source of encouragement. Our selection features St. Anne, St. Francis and more.
Family Life & Other Figurines
Family related statues, and other unique faith-based statues

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